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car detailing in Needham, Salem and Wilmington
car detailing in Needham, Salem and Wilmington


Nothing strikes pain in the heart of a car owner more than collateral damage to one’s castle. The car may glisten. It may have flash. But give it a dent and its pnasch is gone; its owner wounded. Triton has been fixing these ailments for over eight years now. Body shops can be expensive. Yet not all dents have to cost you an arm and a leg. Triton carefully massages out dents, and we know when a dent is a dent and when a dent is a major piece of bodywork.

Our experts have the knowledge and confidence to give you the sound advice you need. Who needs a wounded vehicle or the wounded mind that comes with it? Come to Triton Wash. You’ll leave feeling like royalty. And once again, your car will be your pride and joy.


  • Do I need to make an appointment to look at a dent?

    Yes, we do paintless dent removal – by appointment only.

  • Should I wax my car after getting a dent removed?

    Yes, we recommend a wax application after the paintless dent removal.

  • What size dent can you repair with paintless dent removal?

    Anything that is roughly the size of or smaller than, a baseball.

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